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The best Bitcoin Trading Bots to Automatically Trade Bitcoin

The list of the best Bitcoin Trading Bots to automatically trade Bitcoin in the overview. This makes automated computer crypto trading easy for everyone.

This service offers automatic trading of Bitcoins or Altcoins within an exchange on multiple markets or between two exchanges (Bitcoin Arbitrage Trading). This allows you to automatically profit from price fluctuations because a bot from the cloud trades coins for you fully automatically.

The list of the best Bitcoin trading bots to automatically trade Bitcoin.

Types of Trading Bots

Bitcoin Arbitrage Bots: These computer bots specialize in trading between multiple exchanges.

Bitcoin Trading Bots as cloud providers: These are the best programs and for the Bitcoin Bot Trading according to prefabricated trading strategies and algorithms.

In order to use these bots, you must be logged in to several Bitcoin exchanges to trade old coins.

The basic version of this arbitrage service is free of charge. The system is fully automatic. The coin currency ARB is the reference currency for determining price differences between exchanges. Profits of the Bots are distributed to ARB Holder. Looks very interesting, because this arbitrage system currently has an average yield of about 1% per day. There are two different bots: the automatic aBot and the manual mBot.

100% arbitrage trading
Type: Investment in ARB Token and Auto Bot investment.

This Bitcoin Trading Bot works with 8 exchanges. The packages cost 19, 49 and 99 USD. There is a free trial month for all packages to try out the trading software.

Type: Membership fee
Usage: 19, 49 and 99 USD per month.

This arbitrage bot from the USA enables arbitrage trading between different Bitcoin exchanges. The use of the bot software is absolutely free of charge, as the provider only retains a small commission from the arbitrage won in the event of success. The Bot Software is also available in German. Furthermore, there are API interfaces for 4 large and popular Bitcoin exchanges, for example for or You should register at all three exchanges to get the most out of the Bot software.

Type: Free use with commission in case of success

Watch your step! The test winner in the Bitcoin stock exchange comparison is

This new trading bot is from the makers of The bot is in beta phase and only works with the best Bitcoin stock exchange so far. The cheapest package costs 18 USD. There is a free trial period of 15 days after registration. The documentation is simple and clear.

Type: Membership fee

This bot trading service offers automated trading between 12 exchanges and many algorithms for professional trading. The first 3 days you can test the whole software for free. After that the packages cost 29, 49 and 99 USD. With API interface for programmers. With this link you get 10% discount on your first order.

Type: Membership fee.
Use: 29, 49 and 99 USD per month.

This Bitcoin Bot can automate crypto trading and generate passive income. There are 8 coded trading strategies to choose from. Supported are Windows, Mac and Linux. One-time payment for a lifetime license. API interfaces to,,, Bittrex, Poloniex, gDax, Bitfinex and Kraken.

Type: Membership fee

This Bitcoin Trader offers a very nice software called Haasbot for automating Bitcoin trading with intelligent computer programs (bots). It is the most expensive, but also the most versatile provider on the market.

Type: Membership fee

Free scripts for algorithmic crypto trading

With knowledge of programming and your own server, you can set up your own trading bot. The operation is then 100% free. If you are really interested, you will find here the best programs for automatic trading of crypto currencies.

Zenbot – This trading framework is based on NodeJS and MongoDB. With your own server you can trade automatic trading strategies on many stock exchanges. Here you can find the code on
Gekko – This trading bot by Mike van Rossum was named after the famous Gordon Gekko from the movie Wall Street. The software is 100% free and open source. Here you can find the code on

The best Bitcoin stock exchanges

There are many Bitcoin marketplaces and Altcoin exchanges, but it is important that the marketplace works fast and has low trading fees. Furthermore, the exchange should have a high trading volume and good coins. Therefore, we have only determined the best Bitcoin trading exchanges in comparison: – This Bitcoin exchange from Tokyo has very low fees, currently 145 coins on offer and is by trading volume the largest provider worldwide. The site is fast and available in German. You can trade 50% cheaper with your own trading coin (Binance Coin). Registrations are deactivated so that the exchange does not grow too fast. There is an app for Smartphone and Desktop. [0.05-0.1% fee] – This Altcoin stock exchange from Hong Kong exists since August 2017 is fast and has its own trading coin (Kucoin Shares) with dividend payments. The service has 136 coins on offer so far. Users can vote on new coins (Vote for Coins). Therefore you can only find coins with good business models and a quality team regularly removes dubious and negative coins. [0.1% Fee] – Here you can buy Bitcoin and Ethereum with EURO and GBP. The fees are very reasonable. This new provider from Jersey is the real money variant of the world’s largest and safest coin exchange The first 5,000 verified customers receive 20 EUR starting credit.